Healthy USA Project

By the end of this year, one in 40 Nevadans will be part of a genetic study.

And that’s just the beginning. The Healthy USA Project is here.

What is the Healthy USA Project?

The Healthy USA Project is the brainchild of Reno, Nev.-based healthcare system, Renown Health, and world leader in environmental data, Desert Research Institute. This first-of-its-kind population health study combines genetic, clinical, environmental and social data in new ways to deliver personalized health data to individual study participants while ultimately improving health nationwide.

What It Means for the Individual

In addition to receiving genetic sequencing and ancestry information at no cost, we are notifying consenting study volunteers of their genetic risks for CDC Tier 1 conditions, providing genetic counseling and medical guidance to help them make lifestyle changes to prevent future disease.

What It Means for the Individual

What it Means for the Nation

Impacting – and improving – health for entire populations is at the heart of the Project. More than 35,000+ Nevadans have already joined. The rest of the country is next as we look to expand to new communities across the country.

Familial Hypercholesterolemia

1 in 1

People have this genetic tie
to high cholesterol

Lynch syndrome

1 in 1

People are at higher risk for endometrial and colon cancers

BRCA 1 /

1 in 1

People have hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome

Making Headlines

Becker's Hospital Review
“Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) was one of the first to volunteer, saying the project creates unprecedented opportunities for new scientific discoveries tying genetics to health policy decisions.”
-Becker’s Hospital Review, Sept. 2016
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Tech Target: SearchHealthIT
“In what may eventually become a model for other healthcare providers, a hospital and a research institute have partnered to analyze years' worth of EHR data, as well as genetic, demographic and environmental data.”
-Tech Target: SearchHealthIT, June 2018
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Genome Web Oct 2018
“The Healthy Nevada Project has been able to enroll participants far quicker than population health studies are typically able by riding the wave of consumer interest in learning about their genes.”
-Genome Web, Oct. 2018
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Joseph Grzymski, Ph.D
“We can begin to understand how environmental factors can help predict who may be at risk, allow for quicker diagnoses, and encourage the development of more precise treatments.”
-Joseph Grzymski, PhD, principal investigator told Fast Company, Sept. 2016
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Genome Web March 2018
“Nevada in 2016 ranked 35th in state health rankings and 45th in terms of per capita spending on healthcare, at $5,735. However, [Nevada Gov.] Sandoval said that the Healthy Nevada Project has put the state on the healthcare map and will help the region move up in these rankings.”
-Genome Web, March 2018
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Health IT Analytics
“Ultimately, the study intends to help healthcare providers, policymakers, and other stakeholders better understand the long-term population health trends that will impact care delivery and patient outcomes across the state.”
-Health IT Analytics, March 2018
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Healthcare Innovation
“The pilot phase of the Healthy Nevada Project enrolled 10,000 participants in less than 48 hours and then completed subsequent DNA sample collection from each participant in just 60 working days.”
-Healthcare Innovation, March 2018
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“The researchers’ ultimate goal is to use this data to break new ground in the field of personalized medicine and ‘vastly improve population health.’”
-Vocativ, Sept. 2016
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Dr. Christopher Rowan
“Before, physicians were the gatekeepers of testing and screening. Genetic testing can be done by anybody and the results can be brought (to their doctors). It’s the democratization of healthcare.”
-Dr. Christopher Rowan, medical director of research told Reno Gazette-Journal, Oct. 2018
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